We offer the material loose and hydrated to avoid the main problems caused by the compressed plate.
The advantages are as follows:

We significantly reduce the appearance of fine dust.
⦁ Our product always comes with an optimum pH and an EC of less than 1 dS/m.
⦁ When using loose hydrated product, our bags always have the same volume.
⦁ The distribution of the long fibers is homogeneous throughout the bag.
⦁ We use good quality domestic plastic with a guaranteed durability of 4 years.
⦁ By processing the product in our factory, we have short lead times.
We can add different supplements such as peat, perlite, tricoderma, bottom fertilizer…
Planting and drainage holes can be configured to the customer’s liking.
⦁ Sacks available in the colors: White/Black and Black/Black.

Available sizes

⦁ 100x18x16: 96 pcs/pallet
⦁ 100x23x13: pcs/pallet
⦁ 90x30x10: 100 pcs/pallet
⦁ 100x15x12: pcs/pallet

Approx. weight per pallet: 850 Kg

Pallet dimensions: 1 x 1,2 x 2,2 m



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  • Date : 2 June 2020