Coconut + Peat

  • Coconut fiber and peat of the best qualities mixed in different percentages to suit the needs of each crop.
  • Components of the mixture:
    • Coir optimizes water retention and aeration to promote root development.
    • Peat provides high microbial activity, which promotes proper vegetative growth.

Uses: Vegetables , Ornamentals , Aromatics , Nursery , Seedbeds
Available formats: 70L | BigBag | Bulk
Coconut particle size: Fine : Fine : Standard : Extrafiber
Peat granulometry: 0-10 | 0-20 | 0-40 | 15-45 (for other granulometries please consult)

The loose material can be applied directly to the soil and to fill containers of different volumes, whether pots or forest trays.


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